Bibliometric analysis of the field of ocean engineering


This study examines the publications in journals published in the field of Ocean Engineering from 1889 to May 2021 by noting the contributions of researchers, institutions and journals to this field as well as the changes over time. A total of 292,755 publications in the field of Ocean Engineering and related fields have been analyzed in the study through a comprehensive bibliometric approach using the Scopus database. The analyses were performed using information such as the publications’ year, author(s), subject area, document type, keywords, affiliations, funding sponsor(s), country, source type, language, and citations. Proceedings of the International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference is the most productive source with 14,959 publications. In addition, C. Guedes Soares is the most productive author in this field as an author with 1,298 publications. Also, the average number of citations per article for the articles authors and journals have made in the field of Ocean Engineering are also shown. Torgeir Moan is seen to receive the greatest number of citations per article at 17.24, while the most-cited journal is Coastal Engineering with a rate of 33.24. 160 of the most commonly used keywords in the publications in this field have also been analyzed and classified into 11 main group. The most studied topic in this field is seen to be Naval Architecture at a rate of 26%.


Journal of Ship and Marine Technology

June 15, 2021
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