Evolution of steam turbines: a bibliometric approach


This study investigates the contribution from researchers around the world in the field of steam turbines during the period 2000-2019. A comprehensive bibliometric approach has been applied to illustrate the scientific publications on steam turbines and related topics using the Scopus database, which has 11,751 publications published by 652 authors from more than 500 organizations scattered over 101 countries. Various aspects of the studies have been analyzed such as publication type, fundamental research areas, journals, citations, authorship patterns, affiliations, and most used keywords. In addition, the impact factor, h-index, and Paper İmpact Parameter (PIP) for the number of total citations have been used to reveal the power of countries, institutes, authors, and journals in the field of steam turbines. The results show that the most productive journal or proceedings, author, and country according to PIP are Energy, Ibrahim Dincer, and Singapore, respectively. The results also indicate turbomachinery to cover more papers than other core research areas and engineering subjects to also have the highest ratio.


Journal of Thermal Engineering

September 15, 2022
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