Cooling system design for a fuel cell powered pleasure boat

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The decrease of the sources for fossil based fuels and the increase of environmental awareness gives rise to the widespread use of renewable energy sources. Among renewable energies especially fuel cell systems find challenging applications for mobile practice. Because of the low power supply, renewable energy systems offer restricted application areas for ship propulsion. There are applications where renewable energy systems are used as prime energy sources and applications where they are used as secondary energy sources. Marine applications of fuel cells give also rises to the design of convenient auxiliary systems like the fuel cell cooling system. The excess heat produced by the fuel cell must be removed by a cooling system. In this study the cooling system of an 8.5 kW fuel cell is investigated for a pleasure boat which is built in the scope of a student project in the Yıldız Technical University. A water cooling system is designed and analyses are made by the computational fluid dynamics code Fluent.


INT-NAM 2011- 1st International Symposium on Naval Architecture and Maritime


Istanbul, Turkey



October 24, 2011 → October 25, 2011
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