Emission studies in ocean engineering

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While production activities are increasing with great acceleration, the associated environmental impacts are of greater concern. In terms of sustainability of production, it is of great importance to minimize the impact on the environment. The emissions caused by transportation that result from production activities are the leading cause of negative impact on the environment. This issue is particularly studied in maritime transport, one of the most important modes of transport. In this study, 3428 publications containing the emission concept in the title or keywords of the Ocean Engineering journal category of Scopus were analyzed using the bibliometric method. The result of the analysis shows that the number of studies on the topic of emissions has increased significantly. Looking at the related fields of study, Environmental Sciences (921), Earth and Planetary Sciences (464), Energy (452), Chemical Engineering (242), and Social Sciences (201) are in the top 5. The top 3 journals publishing on this topic are the International Journal of Engine Research (556), Ocean Engineering (149), and Motor Ship (141). The most frequently used keywords in these publications are diesel engines (557), emission control (537), gas emissions (501), ships (487), nitrogen oxides (354) and carbon dioxide (350). The top 5 universities with the most publications on these topics are Norwegian University of Science and Technology (55), Valencia Polytechnic University (48), University of Strathclyde (47), Dalian Maritime University (40), and National Technical University of Athens (37). The countries with the most publications on these topics are China (477), the United States (465), the United Kingdom (261), Germany (171) and India (167).


International Eurasian Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology (Eurasianscientech 2022)


Ankara, Turkey

December 14, 2022 → December 16, 2022
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