Exergetic performance analysis of fishing vessel refrigeration system

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Marine products are more ecologist regarding to CO2 emission while they are produced and catch. Also, they have almost same protein ratio as red meat and they are consumed all around the world. It is more common that in industrial fishing, fishes are not only catch but also different type of processes are apply for producing and storing on fishes in fishing vessel. In this way, fishes stay fresh and it makes saving time and space. In this study, fishing vessel refrigeration system which has precooling and storage system is analyzed in terms of exegetic performance with various refrigerant which has different environment effect and changing design condition. The results show that εTot, ECOP and COP are 0,525, 5,6 and 4,8 respectively in design conditions. Also, they become 0,85-0,45, 8-4,7 and 6,5- 4 respectively regarding to temperature of sea water changing. Moreover, they become 0,525-0,490, 5-7,5 and 4,5-6 respectively regarding to temperature of storage unit changing.


2nd International Congress on Energy Systems (ICES-2016)


Istanbul, Turkey

December 21, 2016 → December 23, 2016
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