Performance analysis of turbocharged 2-stroke diesel engine

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Turbocharger systems are very important for vessels in terms of increasing energy efficiency and reducing green gas emissions. Ambient conditions (winter, ISO and summer) effect intake air temperature so do turbocharger efficiency. Engine load and fuel types that effect exhaust gas energy level are the other parameters for the turbocharger efficiency. In this study, a new numerical method is improved for enthalpy and entropy calculation based on exhaust gas components. Also two-stroke Diesel engine performance which operates various ambient conditions is analyzed in terms of thermal efficiency, engine load, specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC), exergy efficiency and exegetic performance coefficient (EPC). The results show that the highest thermal efficiency is obtained in winter ambient condition and turbocharger efficiency increases when fuel-oil quality is better.


1st International Conference on Engineering and Natural Sciences


Skopje, Macedonia



May 15, 2015 → May 19, 2015
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